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"Determining winners for the Gypsys was a difficult process. We had over 460 nominees across 32 categories and had to make some tough choices. This demonstrates the enormous variety of excellent theatrical performances last year in Seattle, as well as the variety of opinions from our writers!"

2011 Gypsy Lee Award Winner: Excellence in Costume Design - Seattle Gay News

"Harmony Arnold is our indispensable wardrobe and style guru. She is both gifted and prolific—somehow managing to make herself available to us despite being a full-time professor at Seattle U and working on various theater and film projects."

Dana Zimmerman, Sr. Product Manager at Microsoft Corporation

"Beyond her impressive talent with fabric, though, is her ability to engage new work on a conceptual level in a way that not only improved the costumes, but I believe improved the tenor of the whole process, and of the final work. Her ability to challenge me to articulate the piece conceptually, and her subsequent ability to respond to that articulation over and over again, back and forth week after week with new iterations of design sketches, was invaluable."

xom, Mathew Richter

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