To Harmony, Process is Paramount

Many rich ideas are generated between the first moment of inspiration and the final moment of a finished performance or product. Harmony Arnold is committed to positive communication through each step of the process and she is eager to collaborate.


Conceptual inspiration can emerge from one or many different kinds of materials: a poem, experience, song, visual image, sound, idea, dramatic, or non-dramatic text. Harmony has an extensive background designing for new technology, multimedia, and collaborating collectively to generate new works.

Research & Discovery

Research methods vary from project to project based upon your intent and goals. With an extensive knowledge of fashion history, Harmony is able to analyze the functions of dress within a social context, such as: designation of gender differences, designation of age, status and group membership, and ceremonial use of clothing as a means of social communication. Knowing the historical context of clothing within a political, economic and technological context allows Harmony to access the complexities within dress to serve your goals.

Communication & Collaboration

The collaborative nature of design requires strong communication skills, problem solving skills, and a high level of personal devotion and trust. From sketches on a paper napkin to computer generated spreadsheet, Harmony is a strong communicator and will work to make sure the process is running smoothly.


An immense amount of work begins in collaboration with colleagues to develop the costume. Harmony creates sketches, gather's talent measurements, collects fabric swatches, pulls from costume sources and paints final renderings as she moves toward the development of the costume. Final renderings act as mere blueprints, as the costume design may develop in process, just as a character is being developed in the rehearsal process.


Harmony will keep balance of time, labor and budget, considering the talents and capabilities of technicians, and the availability of resources. She is a hands-on designer with fantastic managment and people skills.