A Permission Slip to Wander

Julia Cameron, the author of The Artist’s Way, describes an “artist date” as a way to devote time to your creative self. Julia says an artist’s date is “assigned play” and should be done solo; the time is just for you to do anything you find innovative and enjoyable. This assigned playtime is a time to tap into my flow state modality, filling me with energy and inspiration. A good wander goes a long way!

At least once a month, and sometimes twice a week, depending on the season, I treat myself to an artist date. During these outings, I allow myself to wander without a set plan. Serendipitous moments happen naturally when I let go and embrace the possibility of chance encounters. I immerse myself in my surroundings, paying attention to what catches my eye and allowing myself to be in the moment and enjoy the slowness of gazing at something and taking in its energy like the Clairvoyant I am.

The power of creativity is to look closely. If you’ve ever sat at a potter wheel with a lump of clay or put yourself in front of a nude with a pad of newsprint, charcoal in hand, you know what I mean. These activities require you to be present and, in the moment, and activate your sensations.

I retreat to antique and vintage venues quite a lot. In Seattle, one of my favorite haunts is Lander Street Vintage. It’s like going to a museum of curated curiosities, and the best news is that it is a stone’s throw from many other favorite treasure troves: Susan Wheeler Home and Kirk Albert Vintage Furnishings, to name a couple of my favorite curated experiences to peruse.

As the Fall Equinox brings balance to our light and darkness, I am reminded of how important going on a sweet artist date is. If you find me out of the office, you can bet I am out following my bliss.