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Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup Styling:
Harmony Arnold

Liberty Ecosystem: The Port

Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup Styling:
Harmony Arnold

Waxie Moon in Fallen Jewel

Harmony was brought into the creative team of this narrative feature film by screenwriters Wes Hurley and Marc Kenison in its earliest stage to consult on creative direction and costume design. Wes, also the film’s director, and Marc, the titular star of the film as well as its writer, asked Harmony to create the highly stylized look and feel that became the distinct aesthetic of the production. Harmony designed, built and styled all wardrobe, hair and makeup, as well as becoming a producer during the course of the film’s development and filming.

“A rich, glittering, live-action cartoon” as director Wes Hurley put it, Fallen Jewel aimed to make space for dialogue surrounding issues of gender roles, gender identification, sexuality and desire, objectification and self-definition. The result is a pop-art musical comedy amalgamation, deeply poignant and absurdly hilarious.

Fallen Jewel premiered in Tel Aviv in 2012 and has since been translated into Japanese and established as a Seattle cult favorite, continuing to be screened at Central Cinema each month in the tradition of Rocky Horror Picture Show, with live performances and hosts like Jinx Monsoon, Sarah Rudinoff, and BenDeLaCreme.

Costume Design, Hair & Makeup: Harmony Arnold

Director: Wes Hurley
Screenwriters: Wes Hurley, Marc Kenison
Producers: Wes Hurley, Harmony Arnold, Jennifer Zeyl, Marc Kenison
Design Assistant: Annie Murphy
Studio: I Ate My Eye Film

Little Potato

Harmony built and styled costumes for this surreal VR autobiographical narrative documentary written by frequent collaborator Wes Hurley.

It is the story of Little Potato’s journey growing up gay during the turbulent years of the Soviet Union before and after the fall of communism, his escape into the world of pirated American movies, and his mother’s struggles to create a better life for them both — leading eventually to her becoming a mail order bride in order to insure their escape to America.

Little Potato won over 20 awards including Jury Prize at SXSW and Audience Award at Outfest.

Official Selection: IDFA Amsterdam, Seattle International Film Festival, American Film Institute, Imagine Film Festival, Chelsea Film Festival.

Costume Design: Harmony Arnold

Directors: Wes Hurley
Nathan M. Miller
Screenplay: Wes Hurley
Producers: Mischa Jakupcak, Mel Eslyn, Lacey Leavitt
Production Design: Christopher Balder
Art Department: Damian Puggelli

Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab

Harmony was hired by Microsoft to style hair and makeup on-set for this interactive VR experience, a game set in the Blade Runner: 2049 world that uses Rift and Gear VR headsets to place a single player into a world navigated with Oculus Touch controllers. The experience showcases Microsoft’s new Holocapture system.

Hair & Makeup Styling:
Harmony Arnold

Wardrobe Stylist: Swinda Reichetlt

Capitol Hill

Harmony rejoined longtime collaborators Marc Kenison and Wes Hurley to design costumes for seasons 1 and 2 of Capitol Hill, a mash-up comedy-horror soap opera web series that premiered on The Huffington Post in 2014.

The first season was nominated for Best Comedy Series, Best Makeup, Best Production Design, Best Cinematography and earned Harmony Arnold the Best Costumes award at the Indie Series Awards. The first season was also nominated for Best Series at Geneva International Film Festival Tous Ecrans and Best Production Design at the Miami Webfest.

Costume Design:
Harmony Arnold

Written & Directed by: Wes Hurley
Cinematography: Vincent Pierce
Art Direction & Production Design: Christopher Balder, Damian Puggelli
Wardrobe Department: Pete Rush
Makeup Department: Erik Warren

Sir David Attenborough

Harmony was hired to style on-set for Sir David Attenborough’s VR experience, created by Microsoft in partnership with London’s Natural History Museum.

Sir David Attenborough gives a behind the scenes tour of the museum in a new virtual reality experience, allowing visitors to see parts of the London museum usually closed to the public. Users will become immersed as world-famous broadcaster Sir David Attenborough leads the way through rare artifacts and objects on display, all from the comfort of their own home. Sir David was filmed by more than 100 cameras at Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Capture Studio in order to be recreated as a hologram for Sky’s Hold the World experience, which was conceived and produced by London-based content studio Factory 42 for Sky’s VR app.

Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup Styling:
Harmony Arnold