Murder for Two

Harmony designed costumes for this production, staged at ACT Theatre in collaboration with the 5th Avenue Theatre. While the cast was small, with only two actors, one plays nine different characters without leaving the stage, and the two of them make up the show’s orchestra. It was a fun challenge for Harmony to collaborate with the actors, director, and scenic designer to create these characters through movement, voice, and of course, clothes. This production is a good example of the way Harmony works intimately with her actors to develop their characters and help embody them more fully.

Costume Design: Harmony Arnold

Presented by ACT Theatre/5th Avenue Theatre
Book by Kellen Blair and Joe Kinosian
Director: Daniel Knechtges
Scenic Design: Carey Wong
Lighting Design: Rick Paulsen
Sound Design: Christopher Walker
Associate Sound Designer: Brendan Patrick Hogan