Pink Champagne & a Love Note from Amy Love

Amy Love wearing a stylish leather jacket and knit beanie

I feel incredibly grateful for the trust and energy I receive from my clients. The relationships I am able to build, and the support and energy that is exchanged, is really what drives me. Sometimes the letters I get from clients drive me, too. Thanks for gassing me up, Amy Love!

“Dear Fabulous Future Clients,

I used to think I had a pretty good sense of style: pared back with clean lines, urban preppy with a modest flair. Well, it turns out that I really had no idea what true style was until Harmony Arnold took over my closet and took me shopping. Not only did she go through everything I owned, but she also asked my permission to part with half of it (which would promptly be donated). Then Harmony mixed and matched pieces already in my closet and created whole new looks. Wait, did I mention there was pink champagne? There was pink champagne, people! We spent half the day talking, laughing, sipping, and snapping photos so that I would remember exactly what went with what. Followed by a complete list of items that we both agreed would not only help to restore the now missing contents, but sass it up to a completely new level.

After calculating my clothing budget, we met downtown the following week, where we were greeted by a personal shopper with whom Harmony has worked for years. And voila! A large dressing room at the downtown Nordstrom on the fourth floor had been festooned with the key players on our list: an AllSaints leather jacket, Prada sunglasses, a few fancy pocketbooks to choose from for a night on the town in New York, as well as a couple of stylish pieces to try on. Not only were most of the items exactly what I’d been hoping for, we also scored a never-before worn Gucci belt just around the corner at Alexandra’s Designer Consignment.

Magical music was made that day, and I flew off to the East Coast feeling like a million bucks! Not only did the pieces elevate my style, I still looked like myself, only now with a little more confidence and a lot more flair. And Harmony made it so easy. And So. Much. Fun.


Amy Love”

And believe me, folks: you too can sip pink champagne (or a beverage of your choice) whilst whittling your wardrobe! I am not NOT interested in having fun, and to me – clothing is very fun. Interested in hearing more about how I can support you in shopping and having fun while doing it? Let’s book a consultation!