Harmony designed costumes for String, a world premiere musical presented by the Village Theatre in Issaquah. Returning to the Village for the third time, she oversaw the design, executed by the dynamic costume team at the Village.

The main characters are the three goddesses, sisters who begin on a mountaintop above ancient Greece and, after falling out of favor with Zeus, find themselves banished to a modern skyscraper in the mortal world. The design was focused on creating visual weight and depth to that shift — so that you really feel it as the audience, that these are goddesses who have fallen to earth.

Costume Design: Harmony Arnold

Presented by: Village Theatre,
Book: Sarah Hammond
Director: Brandon Ivie
Music and LyricsAdam Gwon
Music Director: Michael Nutting
Music Supervisor: R.J. Tancioco
Scenic Design: Tim Mackbee
Lighting Design: Robert J. Aguilar