About Harmony Arnold

Meet Harmony Arnold, a highly skilled and accomplished image consultant, costume designer, and wardrobe stylist with an exceptional portfolio. With a vast background in costume design for film and theatre, and styling for film, commercial advertising, and VR production, Harmony possesses the knowledge and expertise to elevate any project. Her forte lies in seamlessly bridging the gap between her clients’ personal style and desired image, effectively promoting and supporting their personal, lifestyle, and professional objectives. Harmony’s impressive qualifications include a Cosmetology License, a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, and a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Costume Design. Furthermore, she boasts 20 years of teaching experience as an accomplished Professor of Theatre and is a distinguished member of the United Scenic Artists Local USA 829. 
Photo Credit: https://www.lmackphoto.com/portfolio

Harmony’s History


Skelton Beauty Academy, Cosmetology License, Nail Technology

Harmony was raised in her mother’s beauty salon. Taking the first step towards a career in the industry felt predestined.


Bachelor of Science, The Fine Arts, Western Oregon University

Harmony earned a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, with focus on theatre, drawing, dance and  choreography.


Master of Fine Arts, Costume Design, University of Oregon

An MFA in Costume Design requires three years of postgraduate study. Harmony held the position of Graduate Teaching Fellow while continuing her studies in costume history, costume design, and costume construction. Harmony taught classes in makeup design and application and costume construction.


Professor of Theatre, Costume, Seattle University

Harmony is a tenured Professor of Theatre at Seattle University in the Department of Performing Arts & Arts Leadership, where she teaches undergraduate courses in costume history, costume design & production, fashion and culture.


Professional Costume Designer for Theatre, Film, and Commercial Production

Harmony is an award winning costume designer with 20+ years designing costumes regionally for theatre, film, and commercial production. She is a member of the United Scenic Artists Local USA 829.


Image Consultant and Wardrobe Stylist

Harmony’s education and decades of professional experience has led her to this very moment and allows her to give her clients the style skills needed to identify and heighten their visual image with confidence and authenticity.