Be Unapologetically Authentic

To me, there is nothing in this world more magical than being in production. It’s the collaborative nature of it – I just can’t get enough! When I work in theatre and in film, I am a costume designer; when I work on commercial productions, I am a wardrobe stylist. No matter the venue, I must communicate ideas with a range of collaborators: producers, directors, scenic artists and lighting designers, drapers and tailors, choreographers, actors.. everyone’s story is a part of the work. I love the energy it takes to be an artist in collaboration with others.

An effective costume visually defines and supports the character, just as an effective outfit at an important moment visually defines and supports a person! I am always interested in the relationship between performer and human. How does what I design support the performer as an artist? How do I help a client select to wear support the client as a human? As I get to know people, I want to see them succeed authentically. In a way these thoughts have moved me to work more one-on-one with clients as an image consultant.

I’m passionately organized and interested in helping clients edit and hone their wardrobes in a way that encourages their most authentic selves to shine and supports their hopes and dreams, whether personal or professional. To do this, I pull from my extensive knowledge of fashion and fashion history, which encapsulates and explores topics in anthropology, psychology, gender theory and socioeconomics. None of us exists – or gets dressed – in a vacuum. I’m interested in helping clients convey themselves brilliantly in any setting. My medium is clothes, and I want to advocate for your most authentic self! Hit me up to learn more about how we can do this together. Book a consultation or get me on the horn at 541-514-4485.