All Up In Your Business!

As a stylist and designer, I bring decades of experience to your closet and to the dressing room. I’ve been referred to as a style coach, a style cheerleader, a wardrobe doula… that one is my favorite. I can promise you: with me in your corner, you will no longer struggle at stores trying to find something that suits you and your individual expression. You will no longer pull your hair out trying to find something to wear to that important meeting or special event. I’m well versed in understanding the big picture as well as focusing on all the small changes and details that will support whatever movement you want to make in your life and to your personal image. And with decades of experience navigating production budgets and tight time frames, I can do it efficiently and skillfully.

I am truly rooting for you to be most authentically you, and I’ll support you every step of the way. Are you hoping to edit your closet or looking for a few new pieces? Are you interested in mixing and matching items you already own to create fresh looks that make you feel amazing?  Do you want personalized shopping experiences and fittings? Do you feel overwhelmed by how much you want to donate or consign? Are you looking for tailoring or repair services? All these are way up my alley, and easily accomplishable with my network of sources and makers.

Let’s find a plan that works for you, your time, your values and your life. Book a consultation with me so we can get down to business!