Anne & John Adams of Adams Architecture

John and Anne Adams of Adams Architecture posing for Luxe Magazine

I first met John Adams at Kirkland Arts Center, where we shared responsibility as members of the Board of Directors. 

John and Anne, his partner in work and in life, run Adams Architecture, a residential and commercial practice. They are a couple of bosses, for sure!

Anne and John  Adams each reached out to me for my image consulting services. I styled each of them one-on-one before they asked me to style them for a future photoshoot. The Adams’ asked me to produce images of them for website updates and marketing materials. I produced and structured a day of styling, wardrobe, hair and makeup, and was at the helm of creative direction at their amazing Laurelhurst home, and nearby design studio. Styling Anne and John for marketing and publication was so freaking rewarding! The image of their work has been published in Luxe Magazine, as well as Stroll Magazine

Julia Kuskin is an amazing photographer and creative collaborator, and a very  dear friend of Anne and John. Our day was seamless and creative and..pretty freaking cool! It was fun to see the images that came from our day. The lifestyle images that came from that day are truly magical and capture how Adams Architecture is so cool, creative, and chic!

I love Love Notes! This is one from John:

“Working with Harmony Arnold was so much dang fun! She helped me take my closet full of tired, boring clothes to a new level of style. While shopping, Harmony put a well curated selection of great ideas in front of me. I would not have found these clothes walking into the store alone. And we had fun shopping together. In the end, I get many compliments from friends and colleagues and I feel great heading out into the world each morning. I know that I am presenting my best self everyday. Thank you Harmony.”