How I Became A Style Advocate

I’ve always been interested in clothes, and I’ve always had opinions about them. I knew what fit me and what didn’t – and not just physically. I knew what I wanted to say with what I put on my body and how I wanted to say it. Some of us come out swinging that way, I guess! I once asked my mom what her earliest memories of my creativity were. She told me how, when I was around four years old, she would give me a stack of magazines and a heavy black sharpie and sit me down in the corner of her beauty shop. I would spend hours drawing clothes with that sharpie on the lingerie models in those glossy fashion magazines.

My terminal degree is in costume design, but really, it is simply a document which shows the culmination of my curiosity about clothes and identity. Sewing classes at 8 led to starting beauty college at 16, which then led to a BA in theatre, dance, and drawing, and an MFA in costume design. My MFA allows me to belong to a community of exceptionally trained and talented nerds. It also allows me to teach at the college level, giving me permission to nerd out with other nerds about the things I love.

While I have designed costumes for stage and film and held a career in academia for decades, I describe the focus of my work at this moment as image consulting. My services are concierge and I take the whole person into account. I spend time with each client, learning about who they are and who they want to be. To me, an image consultant is someone who holds space for you to achieve growth potential in your life, your career, and in your closet. I will help you every step of the way, whether your needs are shopping, restructuring, editing, or brainstorming, I will advocate for you to look and feel your best. Interested in learning more? Book a consultation with me today!