Styling Steph Richardson: The Force Behind Alexandra’s Designer Consignment

Steph Richardson is the AH-mazing creative force behind Alexandra’s Designer Consignment, THEE spot for shopping next-level vintage, consigned luxury fashion, and solid-gold, cool-as-hell pieces to elevate your Seattle style. With over 30 years of expertise in the fashion business, Steph has impeccable taste. Shown here wearing Gucci, Steph’s unique vintage glam-rock style brings the HEAT and is COOOL AF! That is exactly why Robert Jones of Lucky MACK Portraiture and I wanted to capture this incredible human in her element!

Steph is a force of nature; her energy for her business and her love for fashion is unstoppable. She is fabulously focused and fashion-obsessed. You can find Steph at Alexandra’s Designer Consignment, curating clothes behind a collection of international fashion magazines, restocking her beautiful space with the most fabulous finds, or dressing designer-drenched mannequins, spinning sustainable styles!

I am so glad that I live in a city that is committed to offering sustainable fashion. Whether we have a distinct awareness or not, we all interact with fashion in our everyday lives, and fast fashion and the waste it produces one of the top three leading contributors to global pollution. Alexandra’s Designer Consignment provides a stylish alternative to fast fashion and is so very chic and welcoming, that is why I love to take all of my clients shopping at Alexandra’s. I hope to see you there!

Lucky MACK Portraiture, your talents are out of this world, I love fanning the flames of our clients together and look forward to providing our clients these amazing opportunities to shine!