Partnership with Lucky MACK Portraiture

It is a dream come true! I am beyond excited to share that I have recently partnered with Lucky MACK Portraiture to provide exquisitely styled portraiture for our clients. Whether you’re seeking to update your headshots, boost your website’s marketing with professional portraits, or indulge in a fully supported, luxurious photoshoot experience, we can assist you in finding exactly what you need and bringing your vision to life! Go ahead, roll out the red carpet, YOU are the star of the show!

You’ll receive expert hair, makeup, and wardrobe styling to help you showcase your best self. Whether you’re looking to update your website or marketing materials, or just want some beautiful photos for your social media, we are here to help you capture the most authentic YOU. If you’re interested in learning more about our custom packages, please get in touch and let me know, I can provide pricing and availability.

Recently, I was the star of a Midnight Cowboy-inspired photo shoot. A brilliant photographer skillfully directed every detail and assured me, his muse, that each moment was captured with magical intentionality. As the camera strobe flashed, a fan blew my hair gently, and cinematic-themed music filled the air. Champagne was elegantly served in vintage glassware that matched my sunglasses perfectly; you know how, in dreams, you can somehow see in hyper color? It was just like that!

I am thrilled with the results of my shoot! I want to express my deep love and appreciation to Robert Jones of Lucky MACK Portraiture for immortalizing me as their muse during our photo session. The Midnight Cowboy theme was genuinely captivating. I cannot wait to see the magical moments we continue to capture together with you!