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Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup Styling:
Harmony Arnold

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Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup Styling:
Harmony Arnold

Venus in Fur

Harmony designed costumes for the full cast of Venus in Fur at the Seattle Repertory Theatre.

An exciting challenge for Harmony’s design was the physicality of the lead actress, whose almost acrobatic movement throughout the play (much of that movement while in a custom-made dominatrix bodysuit), and her many costume changes and transformations, took place onstage in front of the audience.

Costume Design: Harmony Arnold

Presented by the Seattle Repertory Theatre
Written by David Ives
Director: Shana Cooper
Scenic Designer: Sibyl Wickersheimer
Lighting Design: Geoff Korf
Sound Design: Robertson Witmer

Murder for Two

Harmony designed costumes for this production, staged at ACT Theatre in collaboration with the 5th Avenue Theatre. While the cast was small, with only two actors, one plays nine different characters without leaving the stage, and the two of them make up the show’s orchestra. It was a fun challenge for Harmony to collaborate with the actors, director, and scenic designer to create these characters through movement, voice, and of course, clothes. This production is a good example of the way Harmony works intimately with her actors to develop their characters and help embody them more fully.

Costume Design: Harmony Arnold

Presented by ACT Theatre/5th Avenue Theatre
Book by Kellen Blair and Joe Kinosian
Director: Daniel Knechtges
Scenic Design: Carey Wong
Lighting Design: Rick Paulsen
Sound Design: Christopher Walker
Associate Sound Designer: Brendan Patrick Hogan


Harmony designed costumes for the full cast of “Lysistrata” presented by the Intiman Theatre Festival. The director’s choice to take this bawdy ancient Greek play and set it during wartime at a US army base in modern day Middle East added layers to the design – the idea being that the characters act out a play within a play, having put together their costumes themselves from items sourced from around the army base.

Harmony was nominated for a Gregory Award for Costume Design for this production.

Costume Design: Harmony Arnold

Presented by INTIMAN Theatre Festival
Written by Aristophanes
Translated by Sheila Daniels & Ali el-Gasseir
Director: Sheila Daniels
Scenic Design: Jennifer Zeyl
Lighting Design: Andy Smith
Sound Design: Matt Starritt


Harmony designed costumes for the full cast of Grease at the 5th Avenue Theatre.

The cast and staging was fun and energetic, and during her design process, Harmony was moved by the opportunity she was given, to coordinate and build upon original Grease costume designs by Tony award-winning costume designer Martin Pakledinaz, who had served as a mentor during the early years of her career.


Costume Design: Harmony Arnold

Presented by 5th Avenue Theatre
Director: Eric Ankrim
Scenic Design: Christopher Mumaw
Lighting Design: Tom Sturge
Sound Design: Tony Smolenski
Hair & Wig Designer: Mary Pyanowski

These Streets

Harmony designed costumes for the full cast of These Streets, an unconventional theatrical play and history project inspired by women rock musicians in Seattle during the late 80s and early 90s.

Conceived by rock guitarist Gretta Harley (faculty member at Cornish College of the Arts, and guitarist who played in several bands during the era) and Sarah Rudinoff (actress, writer and Stranger Genius Award Winner) and co-written with Elizabeth Kenny (actress and award-winning playwright), These Streets is inspired by over 40 interviews conducted with and about the many women who were integral to the Seattle music scene during this time.

Harmony was excited to relive some of her own memories and reconnect to the grittiness of this time and its expression. The collaboration was unique in that it offered her the opportunity to connect with artists and performers outside the theatre world, and watch those connections continue to form other projects after the run of the show.

Costume Design: Harmony Arnold

Presented by ACT
Written by Gretta Harley, Sarah Rudinoff, and Elizabeth Kenny
Director: Amy Poisson
Scenic Design: Jennifer Zeyl
Lighting Design: Robert Aguilar
Sound Design: Roberston Witmer